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Maid Cafe

We're welcoming all Rhode Island Anime Con Goshujinsama to come enjoy an immersive Japanese inspired cafe experience with our lovely maids & butlers. 
 This is an all-ages event that requires a separate ticket to enter. Tickets are non-refundable. 
Patrons of the cafe can expect: 
 • Open seating arrangements and a menu to order & purchase snacks & drinks from (while supplies last)
 • Served purchased drinks & snacks that can then be enchanted with a delicious spell by our maids/butlers  
 • To be doted on & chatted with by one of our maids/butlers
 • Ability to purchase commemorative polaroids with their favorite maids/butlers
 • Play table games with our maids/butlers & other tables.
We want everyone to have a safe, comfortable, and fun experience with us here at the cafe, so we have a few rules and policies in place!
 • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your seating session, so you can check in with your confirmation email at the desk for your commemorative ticket! Those who have purchased ticket add-ons will receive an additional voucher to hand to your maid/butler.
 • Please be polite and respectful, not only to the maids & butlers of the cafe, but also to surrounding patrons & other table guests. There is zero tolerance for harassment.
 • There is no touching of the maids & butlers; Ask when taking a photo if it is alright to do certain friendly poses such as a cute hand heart.
 • There is a no photography / videography policy in place since we want our patrons to be fully immersed in this experience and cherish the time we have together. Polaroids will be available for purchase to have a keepsake photo with your favorite maid/butler.
 • Please do thank or even tip our maids/butlers if you enjoyed your time at the cafe, they work very hard to prepare for these events to give everyone a wonderful experience!
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